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The Art of Embracing Diversity 2020

Second Place Brice Hadlock "I See..."

What Brice says about the submission:

"Just about every day as I step out into society I see different races, cultural differences, genders, religious beliefs, political views, and disabilities. I see the stares and hear the whispers, it is time for a change for the better. We are all born innocent not knowing that we are all separated by diversity. If each humankind would learn to respect one another and come together this world would not be so polluted. Open your mind up and be thoughtful about inclusion, listen come together not apart. Open your eyes and see how far you go in life depends on how you respect others and their values get to learn from the world and one another. Educate your mind with your heart see that all humankind is different but that is what makes everyone unique."


 I See.... 



As I look around this place I see all types of faces , black, brown, white, big, small, and round. 


Even though we are all born in different ways from the way we look, from how we talk , we come 


                                        from different countries, cities, and different walks. 


I see the lady down the street hiding  inside a shaw making sure her hair and face is covered and 


 not accepting others because of her religions and beliefs.  I see the  


young man working behind the counter at the gas station afraid to express himself and whom he really wants



be because in the back of his mind he knows society is not going to accept him with all that make up ,those long

nails, and  colorful weave. 


 I see the girl in the wheelchair avoiding the whispers and stares and not realizing she is more than her




I see that beautiful colorful rainbow in the sky and oh how pretty all these colorful flowers begin to open up

                                                                                 from the rain. 


         Imagine how dull and lame it would be if everything was one color and everything looked the same. 


I am diverse , unique. I wonder how different the world would be if I was accepted regardless of 


    my race, religion, disability, political views, gender, or age. The world would be a better place if 


there was one love and respect for each human kind. 


              Everyone should understand that we rise by lifting others, learn to be around people that are 


            different than you whose language, culture, age, disability, political views, and social class is not 


the same as yours because this is how you can see the world and grow from it we all smile the same language.   



Second Place- Marci Cato - “Same, but different; Different, but same”

What Marci says about the submission:

"My poem “Same, but different; Different, but same” expresses the sole fact that everything on this Earth is different physically. Our differences that we possess are our strengths and our weaknesses. Those two differences make us into who we are. There is no “wrong way” to be and there is no “right way” either. At times, we yearn to be different for some form of validation; not knowing that we are, in our own right, perfect the way we are. I feel we should be taught the importance of embracing uniqueness in a world full of conformity. On a cellular level every being and every object that exists in this world, and in other worlds, holds a tiny piece of magic. That magic is our soul. It is our essence, and it is our purpose and gift that we have been given. In retrospect, everyone is the same. Our souls all hold the same various worries, concerns, joy and excitement. Our souls dream of greatness. Our souls dream of finding peace. Our souls doubt. Our souls dread the unexpected. We are the same, but we are different; we are different, yet we are the same."


“Same, but different; Different, but same” 

The Sun asked the Moon what it was like to be viewed without harming creatures. 

The Moon replied that it was lonely and that she longed for the power to cure deficiencies. 

The ground looked up to the sky and envied its never-ending space and breeze. 

The sky looked down upon the ground and longed for the stability of the roots it held. 

The rose looked at the sunflower and wondered why its core did not provide nourishment. 

The sunflower looked at the rose and wished it were soft and smelt as sweet. 

The woman gazed at the man and marveled at the strength and stature he possessed. 

The man looked back at her and seen a beautiful goddess who was ripe with a new creation. 

The woman from Africa adored the English woman’s hair of gold and eyes as deep as the ocean. 

The English Woman was in awe of the African woman’s mahogany skin and perfect ivory teeth. 

The soul of the Chinese man looked at the soul of the Russian man and could find no differences. 

The soul of the Russian man looked at the soul of the Chinese man and said, “we are the same.”