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The Art of Embracing Diversity 2020

Emma Looney- May We See

May We See 

When we walk into a room let the inclusion be known 

May we not separate due to the ignorance that is known 

Groups not separated by gender nor color 

The illusions let go we have of one another 

Let hope be found in this world that is lost 

What happened to the love God intended to be… 

Do we not want our children to have an equal chance to see? 

Past the image of what is today… 

May we go hand in hand; not being afraid 

Seeing a variety of people in every race, gender, and number… 

Fighting against this war we have with one another 

May Martins dream come true 

May we all see past the image of myself and you 

You may not believe in God, but Jesus speaks to love one another as I have loved you… 

May we enforce his words and carry his light 

May we no longer stay quiet even in the depths of the night… 

May our children see wrong verses right 

Rather than your color verses mine 

At the end of the day, 

May every child be taught better than the teachings that are shown through people 


May tomorrow bring on a better outlook to say, goodbye to the sorrows of yesterday 

Changing narrow minds to see a new way 

To change our teachings of children so they see a better day 

May our children know diversity as equal 

And may they always speak up for the inclusion of people  

I pray this becomes our next history sequel  

May this be the words for all this worlds people 


What Emma says about the submission:

"The poem you are about to read is truly from the depths of my soul. As I have two children of my own, I worry about the world they will be living in and that is what fueled the fire to speak on this topic with the theme of all three things. As you read this poem, I hope you feel the power in each word. It is in relation to the race war going on right now and it speaks of us all being united. With races being united that sadly but easily includes all three topics. I titled this "May We See" because if we taught better to our children, not speaking of races in a negative light, did not make comments or statements, and we taught them that every person matters rather than the color of every person matters; this world would already be better for them than what it is today. I speak on how Jesus says to "love each other as I have loved you" and there is no better reference of wording than that sentence. Could you imagine, a world where we saw past physical image? Where we loved and seen each other as a simple human being? You do not have to believe in God to understand that message. And, that is what this poem is about. It is purely about being united as one regardless of race, gender, age, religious belief, etc. If not for us and our generation then for our children's generation. The poem is in concentration of children, due to the idea of a better tomorrow. 
I hope you enjoy "May We See" and I pray that you feel the words of encouragement and truth."


Latosha Howard- Rainbow House

Latosha Howard - Rainbow House. Together we are a place full of a range of medley, variance colors and grace/ Sharing our diversity to create a warm workplace/ Life is what you make it and we should have a goal/ Everyone is different so no dreams should get old/ This world of opportunities is made to accommodate everyone/ With all people included anyone can aim to be #1/ Always hope for equity, the fairness and just/Having a right to neutralism is a strong robust

What Latosha says about the submission: 

"I wanted to enter a poem into this event to express the current feeling of togetherness here at Coastal Pines even though this pandemic and ordeal that we are all experiencing to some point in our everyday life right now as we know it. To see things get better with us all coming together to push through and move forward is for the greater good of our community. We are already being consistent in the effort we need to try our best to keep each other safe. Businesses and workplaces are still waiting on our success to be able to move into our goals in life. This poem is an encouragement piece that we can continue to be what we already are. We are stronger together learning more about the gifts that are out there for us to access."

Teresa Harris - Human Race - Red

Human Race – Red I’m here to say   with Love   that we are all equal.   No matter what is going on   in this world   we have to stick together.   I look at this place   we are in   and have to say   I am heartbroken within.   Do you know what is going on?   Do you know what race you are in?   Well, I am here to say   I am of the Human Race   We all Bleed one color   And that is   Red


What Teresa says about the submission: 

"My submission piece is in the category of the spoken word.  I titled my piece Human Race – Red.  My spoken word is simplistic and captures diversity, inclusion, and equity.  The spoken word gives an individual the feeling of what an individual is going through in this day in time.  There is so much evil in the world right now that individuals need to realize that we are all the same.  Yes, we are different in many, many ways, but we have one common aspect in each of us.  This spoken word tells us what that is.  I hope you enjoy this piece as much as I enjoyed writing it and sharing it with you."