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The Art of Embracing Diversity 2020

Andria Bogan - Rediscovering Our Identity

Andria Bogan- Rediscovering Our Identity. Two individuals pose in urban attire on a street.

What Andria says about the submission:

"You may think that Africans were brought to America in 1619, but Africans that were already enslaved arrived in America in the 1500s. Being an African American today is very difficult and you may sometimes feel out of place. You may also feel hurt because you  don’t have a traditional culture. For instance, African Americans didn’t have cultural attire, we had to search for a new identity. African Americans had to find a new style, and we did. We created and popularized many fashion trends that are becoming in style again. Some of the trends include hoop earrings, baggy denim, timberland boots, dungarees, SnapBack caps, paisley and bandanna prints, sneakers, and so much more. Even though these trends are back in style, does not mean we are being recognized for it. Time and time again, other people are receiving credit for simply wearing what we fought so hard to get, a new identity. Never forget that African Americans are the blueprint in many fashion trends including y2k. In closing, even though I do not have a traditional culture, I will continue to wear these clothes with pride."

Aris Dominguez-Canela - Everyone is Part of the Team

Aris Dominguez-Canela - Everyone Is Part Of The Team. Different hands circle a globe


What Aris says about the submission:

"I know and truly feel, that at Coastal Pines Technical College everyone is welcome and given an equal possibility for success. This, by definition, is the meaning of inclusivity and diversity - core fundamentals of CPCT! Through my art piece, I would like to convey the message that when we (EVERYONE) can join together to be part of the team, the world can truly be the great place we desire it to be. Furthermore, the piece conveys that there are many different types of people, even though not all could be depicted. The portrayal of the different colored arms and the inclusion of the flags, describe in a somewhat condensed form, the diversity and progression of equality for all; which we must continue to strive for in our world."

Elicia Peters - Sharing our Similarities, Working Together to Create Change

Elicia Peters- Sharing Our Siilarities, Working Together to Create Change. Pop culture images and handwritten quotes on a posterboard.

What Elicia says about the submission:

"Hi my name is Elicia Peters my project is on embracing Diversity.  I have created a poster with some sample pictures of Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity. There are many powerful quotes to go along with the pictures to explain in more detail on how we should see things from a different point of view from all aspects of Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity. In my poster I used pictures to show the beauty of life, religion, work, words, culture, and sexuality. I wanted to show my poster as a big picture or as an art piece of Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity to where people could see and read the quotes and kinda get a better idea of the subject and understand it better. "

Jesse Harrell- Halloween and Our World

Jesse Harrell- Halloween and Our World. Drawn pop culture figures cut out against a Halloween background


What Jesse says about the submission:

"Every day is Halloween.
Constant questions of who to be or what to bring to the table.
When you arrive, there are many different costumes.
You see Miss Piggy talking with a piece of bacon. Two very different but similar characters that blend surprisingly nicely. 
While some are alone, others are in groups. Often their costumes depict their favorite thing. These costumes represent either who the person is, or who the person is trying to mask themselves as.
Much like our real world, a devil and an angel, complete opposites, are found spending time together.
The couples costumes express their unity and devotion for one another.
There are many Harley Quinns there, all showing off the same costume. Great minds think alike, after all. However, they are all diverse. They didn’t buy the same accessories or buy them from the same store. 
All the people at Halloween chose who they wanted to be, despite their dissimilarity. One who dressed as Harley Quinn did it for her son who wanted to be the Joker, and another girl did it because Harley Quinn is her favorite character. 

Halloween is where we, included in a worldwide costume party, show ourselves differently as equals."

Kaitlyn Young- I am only human but I am stronger than sexism

Kaitlyn Young- I am only human but I am stronger than sexism. A girl in a skirt and tube top surrounded by negative phrases.


What Kaitlyn says about the submission:

"My entry is an art piece that includes glimpses into the many battles I fight as a woman in today's society. Women as a whole face many different struggles, but the ones portrayed here are victim blaming, objectification, over sexualization, and body shaming. From the ways I've seen women vs men in the media, I've grown up believing a lie that women are to be seen as sex objects as opposed to CEOs. I've only seen in the past few years women in the media being able to use their voice for their beliefs instead of being spoken for by their superiors. Women are shown to be their own boss, and aren't as afraid to speak up for what they think is right. The girl portrayed in the drawing is keeping her head held high even with all the horrible things being said to her. "

Natalie Brownlee- Tomorrow's Future, Today

Natalie Brownlee- Tomorrow's Future, Today. Diverse children discuss STEM ideas


What Natalie says about the submission:

"As children, the classroom is one of the first places we are encouraged to be who we are and reach for what we are capable of accomplishing. Implementing the principles of diversity, inclusion, and equity begins with making all kids feel accepted and celebrated no matter their differences. Barriers such as gendered treatment, racial bias, and misconceptions around disability are all issues that keep many people from achieving success. However, the diversity of people means we all have something to learn from each other, and together we are stronger. By making inclusivity and equity a priority starting in the classroom, everyone succeeds."

Sommar Sharritt - Awkward Acceptance

Sommar Sharrit- Awkward Acceptance. Individual with hearts in their eyes in front of a pansexual flag.


What Sommar says about the submission:

"My piece is a self-portrait with the pansexual flag colors behind me. Pansexuality often goes hand in hand with Bisexuality, however, the differences between the two are what matters to the people who identify as either. When I began questioning myself and how I felt, I thought that the options were black and white. When I started really looking, I realized that I was wrong. Seeing the diversity in people, who they can love, and learning that there were others who felt the same, really encouraged me to figure out the differences. I realized that I'm a person that like's people and that who they are or how they identify doesn’t really change how I feel. I’m submitting this piece in the hopes that people will learn to accept who they are, regardless of what they may be. I hope, that by showing a small part of this community, someone will know that they aren’t alone."