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Printers are located in each library. Printing cost 10-cents per page (a two-sided page counts as two pages). Printers in CPTC Libraries may be accessed with your computer log-in. You will receive $15/150 free prints each semester. You can add money to your student account in the CPTC Bookstore. Please bring the receipt to the Library so that the funds can be added to your printing account.

Photocopiers are located in the Golden Isles and Waycross Libraries. The cost is 20-cents for black-and-white and 50-cents for color copies (a two-sided page counts as two pages).

Reserve Library Spaces

Group study rooms may be reserved by CPTC students, faculty and staff for two consecutive hours, once per day.

  • A group is two or more people.
  • Study rooms are in the CPTC libraries on the Camden, Golden Isles, Jesup, and Waycross sites. 
  • Group study rooms are kept open for anyone needing a study space. However, priority will be given to CPTC students, staff, and faculty who have reservations.
  • When you reserve a room, you will receive a confirmation email at your CPTC email address. 

Faculty and staff may also reserve the conference room in Waycross and the computer labs in Waycross and Camden.

To reserve a room, please visit the Room Reservation page.


Computers are available to CPTC students. Log on with your e-mail address and your password. Ask a librarian for help with logging on for the first time or if you've forgotten your password.

Headphones may be checked out for in-library use. Bring your CPTC ID to register for check-out privileges.

Other equipment available for checkout are calculators, rulers, and protractors.

Assistive Technology & Equipment

Assistive Equipment

CPTC Library Services provides patrons with access to assistive equipment. The Camden, Golden Isles, Jesup, and Waycross Libraries have the following equipment available for use:

  • Wireless Mobile Trackball
  • Handheld Magnifier
  • Large Print Keyboard
  • Personal Reading Assistant Reading Pen
  • Wheelchair Accessible Cubicles
  • Split Keyboards
  • Full Page Magnifier

Assistive Technology

JAWS is a screen reader software designed for use by blind or low-vision users. JAWS is installed on computers in the Camden, Golden Isles, Jesup, Hazlehurst, and Waycross Libraries.

  • Camden: Computer K-1123-01
  • Golden Isles: Computer GI-1212-14
  • Jesup: Computer J-1201-07
  • Waycross: Computer W-2107-01
  • Hazlehurst: Computer H-1102-02

Dragon Naturally Speaking is a speech recognition program that allows the user to speak into a microphone on a computer with the software translating the spoken words into text in a text program. Dragon Naturally Speaking is installed on laptops in the Golden Isles Library, as well as on computers in Camden, Golden Isles, Jesup, Hazlehurst, and Waycross Libraries. 

  • Camden: Computer K-1123-01
  • Golden Isles: Computer GI-1212-14
  • Jesup: Computer J-1201-07
  • Waycross: Computer W-2107-01
  • Hazlehurst: Computer H-1102-02

Please visit the Assistive Technology LibGuide for more information on assistive technology and equipment available from CPTC Library Services.

Faculty & Staff Services

CPTC Library Services is committed to supporting your work as an instructor and lifelong learner. Faculty and staff may stop in the library, call or email us, or schedule a one-on-one appointments. You can also ask a member of our staff about: 

  • Doing a Library Orientation (discussing library research) with your students
  • Collaborating together to create a LibGuide tailored to your course's needs
  • Assisting with an online course
  • Materials you would like to see in our collection
  • Information you would like to see presented
  • Giving feedback on how we are doing

Please visit the Faculty & Staff Services page for more information.