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Tech Help

Your one-stop guide to troubleshooting problems and connecting to resources to help you navigate BannerWeb, Blackboard, MyMathLab, Microsoft Office, SNAP, email and more.

Stingray Success, Student Success Flyer - Using MyCPTC, OKTA, Banner, Blackboard, & CPTC Email

Being able to log into OKTA to access Banner, Blackboard, and your CPTC email is the first step in being a successful student. There are a number of resources to help you navigate these tasks including orientations and how-to videos. You can find links to these resources on this page.

The direct link to OKTA is and can be found at under the MyCPTC dropdown. MyCPTC is an area of the website with many of the links that students need when getting started such as Library Services, Degree Works, My Math Lab, and more.

For more information or help logging into to OKTA and accessing Blackboard, Banner, or your CPTC email, visit the CPTC Library

Blackboard, Banner, and CPTC Email Using OKTA Tutorials

Tips for Using Banner, Blackboard, and CPTC Email through OKTA

Compatible Web Browsers, Clearing Cookies and Cache

  • Internet Explorer and Edge are not compatible with Blackboard. The compatible web browsers are listed in the Blackboard Libguide. Switching between compatible web browsers such as Firefox and Chrome can help when error messages are received.
  • To easily clear cookies and cache in Google Chrome:  Use the keyboard shortcut while in Google Chrome Ctrl+Shift+Delete. Change the Time Range to All Time or Beginning of Time.

Password Troubleshooting

  • The default original password with your date of birth CptcMMDDYY should be changed when you gain access for security purposes. Your student password expires periodically based on a schedule set by the CPTC IT Department with notices sent to school email.
  • Please Note that the Self-service option will only be usable if a student has logged into their CPTC email previously and set up multi factor identification information. When logging in to Office 365 for the first time, students are prompted to provide forms of verification such as a text, phone, or the Okta Verify app. Okta mobile is an additional app that allows students to easily access Blackboard from their phone. The web address for Okta is

    -Okta Login

    -Okta Account Reset (must have previously logged into Okta to set up account recovery)

    -Okta Quick Start Guide

    -Okta Plugin Installation Directions

    -Okta Apps: Okta Verify and Okta Mobile can be downloaded from the app store on your mobile device. You can also set up a text or phone call account recovery method.

  • Password Reset Options- also see MyCPTC Student email & Logon guidance.

    1. Use the Okta Self Service Password Reset. This only works if you have set up your account authentication before you need a reset.

    2. Reset within student email account settings or on a CPTC campus computer by using CTRL+ALT+DEL keyboard shortcut to access the change password feature.

    3. Submit a Helpdesk Request Form directly from the Blackboard Login page to contact our Distance Education department. Expect at least a 24-hour wait.

    4. Reset in person at a CPTC library during library hours. Current photo ID is required. No exceptions.

    5. Contact Student Affairs at any CPTC campus during office hours.

Other Helpful Links