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Online Learning Starter Guide

Staying Healthy While Studying Online Look around Use the 20-20-20 rule!  Every 20 minutes Look at something 20 feet away For 20 seconds Doing this helps save your eyes from strain caused by Blue Light take a walk Stretch your legs! Take a break and walk 2 minutes every hour Doing this can offset the effects of sitting for long periods of time and can have positive effects on health and longevity Straighten up Practice good posture when you're sitting! Set your monitor to the right height for you Uncross your legs and put both feet on the floor Roll your shoulders back Good posture means fewer aches and pains, better muscles, and better digestion!  Stretch Don't get your muscles get stiff by sitting! Stretching not only helps your muscles and joints stay fluid, but also helps relieve tension and stress Drink up Making sure you're drinking enough water means that you're studying and working at optimal levels! Staying hydrated means you're more alert and less fatigued Want to learn more? Eyes: Walking: Posture: Stretches: Hydration:

Tips For Succeeding In An Online Class Environment

Establish Healthy Habits


This guide is not intended to be used as medical advice or in lieu of medical care. Always consult your physician if you are experiencing health problems or before beginning a nutrition or exercise program.