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English and Literature

What is is a tutoring service available 24/7 for CPTC students. The live on-demand service is free, and tutoring services include:

  • Math 

  • Science 

  • Business

  • Writing

  • Literature

  • Nursing and Allied Health

  • Computers & Technology 

  • Study Skills and Stress Management

  • Career and Resume Help

  • High School Equivalency Test Prep


How does it work? 

CPTC students can:

  • Drop in on live sessions with tutors.
  • Schedule a one-on-one session.
  • Submit questions



CPTC Students can access through the course menu in Blackboard by clicking on Online Tutoring in the side bar. No other login information is required. 

Online Tutoring Location

Clicking on the Online Tutoring link will direct you to the website: home screen