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English and Literature

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PrepSTEP for Core Academic Skills

PrepSTEP for English


Strengthen your skills in Reading, Writing, Grammar, Vocabulary, or Spelling with PrepSTEP:

  • Reading
    • Reading Skills Practice
      • Reading Informational Texts Practice Sets
      • Reading Literary Texts Practice Sets
      • Reading Persuasive Texts Practice Sets 
    • Reading Skills Tutorials
    • Reading Skills eBooks
  • Writing
    • Writing Skills Practice
    • Writing Skills Tutorials
    • Writing Skills eBooks 
    • Writing Skills Articles
  • Grammar
    • Grammar Skills Practice
    • Grammar Skills Tutorials
    • Grammar Skills eBooks
  • Vocabulary and Spelling
    • Vocabulary and Spelling Skills Practice
      • Vocabulary and Spelling Practice
      • Synonym and Antonym Practice
      • Word Analogy Practice
    • Vocabulary and Spelling Skills Tutorial
    • Vocabulary and Spelling Skills eBooks
    • Vocabulary and Spelling Skills Flashcards

PrepSTEP for Math


Build your skills in Developmental Math, Algebra, Geometry, Introductory Statistics and Probability, Pre-Calculus, or Calculus with PrepSTEP:

  • Developmental Math
    • Data, Graphs, and Statistics
    • Decimals
    • Fractions and Mixed Numbers
    • Geometry
    • Integers
    • Measurement
    • Percents
    • Ratios and Proportions
    • Real Numbers
    • Whole Numbers
    • Developmental Math Tutorials
    • Developmental Math e-Books
  • Algebra
    • Basic Algebra Practice
    • Basic Algebra Tutorial
    • Basic Algebra eBooks
    • Basic Algebra Tutorials
    • Intermediate Algebra Practice
    • Intermediate Algebra Tutorial
    • Intermediate Algebra eBooks
  • Geometry
    • Geometry Practice
    • Geometry Tutorial
    • Geometry eBooks
  • Introductory Statistics and Probability
    • Introductory Statistics Practice
    • Introductory Statistics and Probability Tutorial 
    • Introductory Statistics e-Book
  • Pre-Calculus and Calculus
    • Pre-Calculus Practice
    • Pre-Calculus Tutorials
    • Pre-Calculus eBooks
    • Calculus Practice
    • Calculus eBooks

PrepSTEP for Science


Build your skills in Chemistry, Biology, General Science, or Physics with PrepSTEP:

  • Chemistry
    • Chemistry Practice
    • Chemistry Tutorial
    • Chemistry eBooks
  • Biology
    • Biology Practice
    • Biology Tutorial
    • Biology eBooks
  • General Science
    • General Science Tutorial 
  • Physics
    • Physics Practice