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Hurricane/ Severe Weather Preparedness

the cupcake analogy

watch The oven is warming and the  ingredients are all prepped.  The cupcakes will be made very soon but no baking has started yet. warning. Everything is baked, cooled, and frosted   The cupcakes are here and ready to go


In a WATCH - Conditions are favorable and expected, but are not currently happening. Be cautious and prepare.

In a WARNING - Conditions are currently happening or they will happen very soon. This is the time to take action. 

thunderstorms & tornadoes

Watches. Conditions are favorable or expected but not occurring or imminent. Warning conditions are occuring or imminent

(Source: WeatherWorks)

tropical storms & hurricanes

Hurricane WATCH: Conditions *possible* within the next 48 hours. đŸŒ€Hurricane WARNING: Conditions *expected* within 36 hours. đŸ‘‰Hurricane Watch/Warning issued in advance of tropical storm (TS) force wind since


National Weather Service- Flood Watch- Be Prepared Flood Warning- Take Action