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Hurricane/ Severe Weather Preparedness

In Case Of Flooding

what to do during a flood Floods occur when large amounts of water submerge normally dry land. before a flood. Learn if your home is at risk of flooding If you are a homeowner or a renter, check that your insurance covers flooding Find alternate routes to locations Make sure your emergency contacts are up to date If you are given evacuation orders, follow them.Never walk or drive into flood waters If you can evacuate, do so Get to higher ground Listen to local channels on your TV, radio, or mobile device  Turn off gas or electricity at the source.Return home only after the all clear from officials Boil water until authorities state otherwise Avoid downed powerlines and standing water Photograph flood damage before cleaning Clean and disinfect surfaces Remove standing water  Be careful of displaced animals, such as snakes Throw away damaged items and contaminated food


Do You Live In A Flood Zone?