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Learn More About The Naval Apprentice Program

How do I get started?

This TCC provides the student with knowledge and skills to enter the job market in a variety of industrial settings. This TCC builds on the knowledge and skills learned in the naval Maintenance Apprentice TCC. This TCC is designed as a specialty area for students working at Trident Refit Facility in Camden County. Upon completion of this TCC, students are eligible to move into one of the specialty areas in the Industrial Systems Technology diploma group.

Other Conditions for Admission

Must have completed the Naval Maintenance Apprentice TCC and be a current employee of Trident Refit Facility.

Entrance Requirements

  • Submit a completed application;
  • High School diploma or equivalent required: Yes
  • Age Requirement: 16
  • Submit official high school/high school equivalent transcripts, if applicable;
  • Submit official college transcripts, if applicable;
  • Satisfy Placement Testing requirements.

Learn more about the Naval Apprentice Technology program at Coastal Pines Technical College. 

Trident Refit Facility Kingsland Georgia

Learn more about the Trident Refit Facility at Kingsbay, Georgia 

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