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MLA Style Guide

How To Write An Annotated Bibliography Entry Using MLA

For the second part of your bibliography, state if this source is  useful or not. Comment on the strengths and/or weaknesses. The book does an excellent job of providing a vivid history on piracy and details what life was like for both those among the pirate crews as well as those who were victimized by piracy. It is a good book for a beginner in the history of the topic, but the research provided is not ideal for a scholar looking for in-depth and highly sourced information. 3. Assess -  around 50 words how to write an Annotated bibliography entry for mla Above your bibliography entry is your citation information. This is the same as what you would use in your reference list. example reference Cordingly, David. Under the Black Flag: The Romance and ......the Reality of Life among the Pirates. Random House ......Trade Paperbacks, 2006. Written under your citation is your bibliography. For the first part of your entry, describe and provide a summary of the source. Cordingly's book provides a thorough examination of the most infamous pirates, such as Sir Henry Morgan, Anne Bonny, and Edward Teach, who lived during the golden age of piracy, 1650-1725. The author goes into detail about every aspect of pirate life, including the types of ships sailed, weapons that were used, battles that were fought,  and violent deeds that were done. The author also corrects and dispels stereotypes and assumptions that have lingered throughout history, such as peg legs and the use of parrots. The book also includes the images of several historical maps and portraits, four detailed appendices, a glossary of sea terms, and a bibliography. 2.Summarize -  around 100 to 150 words Lastly, add a final comment on the usefulness of the source as it pertains to your overall research. Because Cordingly's work provides a plethora of topics, Chapter 4, "Women Pirates and Pirate's Women" will be very helpful in this essay. It showcases feminism and the rights, or lack thereof, of women in the 17th century. It provides context about what daily life was like as a woman in various stations in pirate society. example 4. reflect- around 50 words An Easy Step-By-Step Guide CPTC LIBRARY SERVICES: CHECK IT OUT! example example