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Coastal Pines degree and diploma programs contain a substantial general education component that is at the collegiate level which ensures breadth of knowledge, and is appropriate to the purpose of the program in supporting workforce development. All associate degree and diploma programs include specified general education courses. Coastal Pines offers two Biology courses, BIOL 1111 Biology Introduction and BIOL 1112 Biology Introduction. Please find more information about these courses and other general education courses in the catalog


OpenAthens provides secure access to CPTC GALILEO resources through single sign-on when users are off campus.

CPTC students, faculty, and staff will use their full CPTC email address and password to log into GALILEO. 

GALILEO is still accessible on campus without having to log in. 

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TED Talks: Drew Berry - Animations of Unseeable Biology Screenshot

Click on the link above to watch the video TEDTalks: Drew Berry - Animations of Unseeable Biology.


“TEDTalks: Drew Berry—Animations of Unseeable Biology.” Films Media Group, 2012, Accessed 4 Mar. 2019.


View transcript for "Animations of Unseeable Biology" found here.


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This video and many others on a variety of topics are available through Films on Demand in GALILEO.

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Improve your math skills with PrepSTEP, a resource available through GALILEO. PrepSTEP can help you practice developmental math, algebra, geometry, introductory statistics and probability, pre- calculus and calculus.

PrepSTEP can also help you enhance your science skills with practice e-books, tutorials, and practice activities in general science, biology, chemistry, and physics.