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Affordable Learning Georgia

Affordable Learning Georgia (ALG) is a USG initiative to promote student success by supporting the implementation of affordable alternatives to expensive commercial textbooks, particularly Open Educational Resources (OER) and open textbooks such as OpenStax Textbooks, which are both free and customizable for exactly what a faculty member would like to teach within their courses. 


OpenStax is a nonprofit educational initiative based at Rice University, and it's our mission to give every student the tools they need to be successful in the classroom. Through our partnerships with philanthropic foundations and our alliance with other educational resource companies, we're breaking down the most common barriers to learning. Because we believe that a well-educated society profits us all. 

OpenStax publishes high-quality, peer-reviewed, openly licensed college textbooks that are absolutely free online and low cost in print. They have also developed a low-cost, research-based courseware that gives students the tools they need to complete their course the first time around. 

GALILEO Open Learning Materials

GALILEO Open Learning Materials brings together open educational resources throughout the University System of Georgia, including open textbooks and ancillary materials.

This repository is administrated by Affordable Learning Georgia, an initiative of GALILEO and the University System of Georgia which aims to reduce the cost of textbooks to students and contribute to their retention, progression, and graduation. For more about Affordable Learning Georgia, visit Affordable Learning Georgia's website.

Most works hosted in GALILEO Open Learning Materials have a Creative Commons license, allowing the reuse, redistribution, remix, and revision of these materials. To learn more about Creative Commons licenses, please visit the Creative Commons Licenses Page.


MERLOT is an open educational resource project from the California State University system that started in 1997.

MERLOT’s collection has over 5,800 open textbooks and a collection of other OER that include whole courses, open textbooks, small instructional modules, and more. Typically, learning management systems make it easy for faculty to add links to these resources for the weekly instructional schedule. Many of the materials you will find in MERLOT have been peer reviewed by higher education faculty with expertise in using online resources.