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Smarthinking: Guide

Smarthinking is a free tutoring service available 24/7 for CPTC students.

What is Smarthinking?

Logo for Smart Thinking 24/7 online tutoring service


Smarthinking is a tutoring service available 24/7 for CPTC students. The live on-demand service is free, and tutoring services include:

  • Math 

  • Science 

  • Business

  • Writing

  • Nursing and Allied Health

  • Computers & Technology (NEW)


How does it work? CPTC students can:

  • Drop in on live sessions with tutors.
  • Schedule a one-on-one session.
  • Submit questions.
  • Upload your writing assignment for feedback.

Download the Smarthinking fact sheet for more information about the subjects covered.

Smarthinking Video

Smarthinking Login

Username: Your CPTC student email address is your username for logging in to Smarthinking.

Password: Your six-digit birth date (in the format MMDDYY) is your password


Log in here.