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The Savvy Stingray: A Guide to Discounts and Freebies for Students and Staff

Check Out A Laptop From The Public Library


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Library cardholders can borrow Chromebooks and mobile hotspots from many of Georgia’s public libraries. This means that Georgians who do not have a reliable computer and/or internet connectivity at home still have the ability to search for jobs, stay connected with friends and family, and use library resources.

Availability varies, so contact your local library to learn about what’s available.

Computers With Causes

Resources - Bergen ResourceNet

Free computers with priority given to students and teachers, people experiencing housing insecurity, disabled veterans, and military families. They do a strict need assessment, background and reference check, which helps eliminate false requests and benefit those truly in need. 

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Affordable refurbished laptops with pre-installed Microsoft Office software. Purchase laptops from $50 and up 

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Notebooks For Students



The Notebooks for Students program offers discount laptops to students attending Primary, High School, College, Homeschool, & Virtual Schooling. College, high school, primary, homeschool, and trade school apply. Enrollment can be either part-time or full-time. Educational programs, GED preparation, college entrance test preparation, professional examinations (Bar, CPA etc.) and independent studies are also included.

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PCs For People


PCs For People - Mahoning Valley - OHC

PCs for People provides refurbished computers to eligible customers for affordable prices. We also provide low-cost high-speed internet solutions. Through computers, internet, digital skills training, and technical support, we work to ensure everyone has an equal opportunity to reach their full potential through digital technology. 


We offer high-speed 4G LTE internet service solutions starting at $15 per month (or free with the Affordable Connectivity Program!). Our service plans are prepaid with no credit checks or hidden fees. To get started, customers can purchase their hotspot device or modem by phone or online and receive the device and activate it within 5-10 business days.

Customers must meet eligibility requirements to use PCs for People internet service. 

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