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Mancala for Beginners

Mancala for Beginners

What is Mancala?

Mancala is a count-and-capture with an ancient heritage. There are hundreds of variants found around the world.

The word Mancala is derived from the Arabic word Naqala (na-ka-la), which means “to move” or “to transfer” 


The playing equipment can be as simple as stones or seeds as the playing pieces and holes dug in soil or boards with holes as holding cups.

Wait... How old is Mancala? Evidence of Mancala being played has been found:  In Egypt in 2500-1500 BCE Jordan in 7000-5000 BCE In Africa  In Roman Settlements in 200-800 CE In West Africa in 700 CE

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How to Play Mancala

Play Mancala