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Pre-Literacy Skills Every Child Should Learn and Suggestions on How to incorporate them into a storytime. Print motivation- being interested in and enjoying books. Reading to children of all ages daily encourages Print Motivation.Print Awareness Knowing that print has meaning and knowing how to use a book (hold one, turn pages, follow the text)  Allow children to hold books and turn the pages. A fun interactive activity is providing the children with their own copy of the book you are reading to them. Vocabulary.Knowing the meaning of words, including words for things, concepts, feelings, and ideas. Talk to children, regardless of age, and include them in conversations. Explain the meanings of new words. Encourage children to learn their native language first.Narrative skills.Describing things and events, telling stories, knowing the order of events and making predictions. Ask open-ended questions; talk about your day; read stories without words and describe the events together.Letter Knowledge.Knowing that letters are different from each other, knowing letter names and sounds, and and recognizing letters everywhere Look at and talk about shapes and letters. Find letters with children in  day-to-day activities, such as on signs or labels. Sound out letters when reading.Phonological Awareness.Hearing and playing with the sounds of words and their components. Sing songs, read rhymes, play with tongue twisters, and focus on the sounds that words make.Writing readiness. {"A?":"B","a":5,"b":1588774638237,"c":"DAD7frqUQW4","d":"B","A":[{"A?":"K","A":1735.5600335657698,"B":71.99999999999989,"D":654,"C":184.87241,"a":{"A":[{"A?":"A","A":"Writing readiness, or pre-writing, are the skills children develop before they are able to write. These skills include holding a pencil, drawing, or coloring. \nYou can encourage writing readiness during storytime by encouraging children to draw letters in the air, use American Sign Language, or create coloring activities that relate to the storytime.

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Jbrary has a YouTube page filled with an extensive amount of demonstrated children's songs, such as this one. 

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