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Blackboard & Distance Education Guide

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Blackboard is a learning environment where students submit class assignments, take tests, participate in group discussions, read announcements, and more. Instructors also use Blackboard to provide information to students and to track attendance and record grades.

Whether you're a student or an instructor, learning how to use Blackboard is vital to your success at CPTC.

Before You Get Started

Before You Get Started

Blackboard typically is not available to students until the first day of class each semester. If you are a student who is new to Blackboard, please do the following before attempting to log in:

  • Find your CPTC e-mail address (Office 365). It should be in your acceptance letter. Student Affairs and library staff can look it up for you. Bring your photo I.D.
  • Know your CPTC e-mail passwordYou have ONE PASSWORD for Blackboard, e-mail, BannerWeb, and for campus computer log-in. Any self-service resets or password changes can be done through your Office 365 e-mail account. Student Affairs and library staff also can help with resets.
  • Check your computer and browser to make sure they are supported by Blackboard (see below). 
  • Use the right browser - Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari. NEVER use Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge.
  • Clear your browser history/data. Do this once a week while using Blackboard.
  • Make sure pop-ups are enabled (see below) in your browser. Blackboard may not work properly if your browser is blocking pop-ups. 
  • Make sure to log out of Blackboard manually each time. Single sign on in Blackboard might not work properly if you close the browser window or app without logging out first. 

Browser Links

Logos for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari

Blackboard supports Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari (for Mac/Apple devices). NEVER use Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge. Clear your browser history/cache once a week, and make sure your pop-ups are enabled. Need help? Visit the Tech Help LibGuide or use Blackboard's Browser Checker tool.

Logging Into Blackboard

Logging into Blackboard is easy. Follow these steps to help you login. 




1. Click on MyCPTC. 

CPTC homepage


2. Click on the Blackboard link. 

MyCPTC webpage

3. Click on the Faculty and Student Login link in the middle of the page. 

Blackboard Log In click on faculty and student login link

4. Sign in to Okta using the first part of your email address as your user name and using the same password you use to sign on to CPTC computers.

Okta Sign On


5. After logging in to Okta, you will see the dashboard. Click on the Blackboard Icon and you will be directed to your Blackboard landing page.

Okta Dashboard

Password Reset

Password Reset Options- also see MyCPTC Student email & Logon guidance.

1. Use the Okta Self Service Password Reset. This only works if you have set up your account authentication before you need a reset.

2. Reset within student email account settings or on a CPTC campus computer by using CTRL+ALT+DEL keyboard shortcut to access the change password feature.

3. Submit a Helpdesk Request Form directly from the Blackboard Login page to contact our Distance Education department. Expect at least a 24-hour wait.

4. Reset in person at a CPTC library during library hours. Current photo ID is required. No exceptions.

5. Contact Student Affairs at any CPTC campus during office hours.

Guidance for beginning students including the default initial password (CptcMMDDYY) and how to get started can be found on our website under MyCPTC or on the Blackboard landing page. Student Affairs and library staff also can help with resets.

Clear Browsing Data

Make sure to clear browser history and cache, then restart your computer if receiving an internal error. The Clear Browsing Data window will appear when you use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+Delete while in Google Chrome. Change the Time Range to All Time or Beginning of Time.

The clear cookies and cache screen in Google Chrome settings looks like the picture below.

Clear Browsing Data

If you need further help clearing your browser cache, visit Clear My Cache