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Assistive Technology: Assistive Technology in the Library

Overview of Assistive Technology in the Library

Coastal Pines Technical College Libraries provide patrons with access to assistive technology and equipment.

The library on the Jesup campus has the following equipment:

  • one stationary magnifier, and
  • two portable magnifiers.
Ask for a member of the library staff if you need to use this equipment.
In addition to the equipment listed above, the library provides patrons with software that can increase the accessibility of computers,computer applications, and the internet. The other tabs in this LibGuide provide information about the following software, which is available in the library:
  • Windows 10 Ease of Access Center (available on all library computers),
  • Alternative Media Access Center software (available to students who are AMAC clients)
  • JAWS for Windows screen reader (see JAWS tab for computer locations).