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EMPL 1000: Job Acquisition Skills: Intro

Interpersonal Relations & Professional Development

CPTC's Career Services

The Career Placement and Development Coordinator's office provides assistance to students, graduates and local employers with a variety of career-related services:

  • Career Counseling
  • Georgia Career Information System (GCIS)
  • Internet Career Search
  • Career Services Seminars
  • Placement Services
  • Local and State Career-Related Websites
  • Local Employment Services Providers

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EMPL 1000 Library Orientation

View the Library Orientation tutorial for EMPL 1000 students. It includes a pre-test and a post-test.

Image Learning Express logo

Prepare for your career with LearningExpress, a resource available through GALILEOThe Job & Career Accelerator in LearningExpress has tools to help you explore occupations, write your resume and cover letter, conduct a job or internship search and prepare for job interviews. You will need to create an account for LearningExpress Library. Remember, if you access GALILEO or LearningExpress off campus, you will need the GALILEO password. Ask a librarian for help or request it via email using your CPTC account. Get Started!