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Dual Enrollment: Community Engagement

A guide for students in CPTC's Dual Enrollment program (formerly Move On When Ready)

Why give back?

Helping others in need is probably at the top of that list of the reasons why we volunteer. But there are additional benefits to becoming engaged in the communities in which we live or go to school. Volunteering helps us discover who we are.

We realize our strengths and improve or learn new skills. Volunteering gives us new experiences and exposes us to new people, contacts who may serve as mentors or even future employers.

Sometimes, we can even earn college credit for our volunteer efforts.

So yes, volunteering feels good because we're helping others and giving back. But when you volunteer, you're also helping yourself.

Everyday Leadership

Drew Dudley talks about the everyday acts that have the potential to change lives.


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Volunteer Links

Are you interested in volunteering while you're on vacation, during spring break or during the holidays? There are many community organizations, churches, and schools what will welcome your help. As you're planning your trip, contact local volunteer organizers in the community you will be visiting. In some cities, there are charities and social agencies and volunteer organizers that will let you sign up for opportunities online. Here are some links to ideas and opportunities to give back.

United Way of Coastal Georgia -- Find volunteer opportunities in Coastal Georgia. More United Way agencies in Georgia -- This organization connects you to volunteer opportunities across the country, based on your interests.

College Board: Volunteering -- This guide from the College Board explains how helping others helps you. It's packed with ideas and provides tips to guide you toward opportunities that fit your personal goals and interests.

New York Cares -- If you're planning a trip to New York and want to volunteer, this is your one-stop site for information. Even if you're not going to the Big Apple, New York Cares' site will inspire you to seek out -- or create -- similar opportunities in your own community.

Volunteers of America -- Volunteers of America is a faith-based organization that promotes volunteerism as its mission.