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Writing & Grammar: Writing Resources

Logo for Smart Thinking 24/7 online tutoring service


Smarthinking is a tutoring service available 24/7 for CPTC students. The live on-demand service is free, and tutoring services include feedback on writing assignments.

How does it work? CPTC students can:

  • Drop in on live sessions with tutors.
  • Schedule a one-on-one session.
  • Submit questions.
  • Upload your writing assignment for feedback.

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Logo for Learning Express Library

LearningExpress Library is a database in GALILEO. Its Adult Learning Center has a Writing Skills Tutorial to help students get organized and review writing skills. There's even a practice essay.

Students accessing GALILEO off campus must have the GALILEO password. It's emailed to CPTC students, faculty and staff at the beginning of each semester. Ask for it in person at any CPTC library, or send a password request to using your CPTC account.

LearningExpress Library also requires an account. Register for an accounting using the link at the bottom of the site's homepage. 


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Writing & Grammar Videos

“Writing Essentials.” Films Media Group, 2010, Accessed 28 Feb. 2019.


The transcript for "Writing Essentials" can be found here.


Writing Essentials is in Films on Demand, a streaming video database in GALILEO.


Films on Demand Database logo




Films on Demand streaming videos are in GALILEO. To view them off campus, you will need the GALILEO password. Ask for it in person at your CPTC library, or send an email using your CPTC account.

More grammar and writing videos:

Just for Fun -- "Word Crimes"