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PSYC 1101: Introduction to Psychology with Linda Amos: Assignments

Research assignment and abstract exercise for Linda Amos' PSYC 1101 classes.

Photo of man looking at data for research

Look for these six things.

Several subheadings and information from the study should be used to organize this data. Look for these items below (see the Research Project Guide for more details).

1. Define the topic. How was the variable of happiness defined?

2. Purpose: What was the purpose of the study?

3. Method: What method did they use to collect information? How did they do the research? How did they collect information, with surveys, tests, interviews, and so on?

4. Population: Who were the participants in the study? Get as many details as possible, ages, gender and other relevant demographics.

5. Results: What were the results of the surveys, tests, interviews, and so on?

6. Conclusions: What conclusions did the researchers come to from the results? What did they learn, propose, or confirm (like a hypothesis)?

Research Assignment


1. Find four (4) scholarly articles that present the results of a study or experiment. Ask a librarian if you need help.

2. Write an annotation for each article. Include a citation for each in APA format.

3. Use annotations to develop a literature review paper.

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