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Open Source Software: Find Websites

Guide to open source software (OSS) which features code made available to anyone for use, modification, and/or enhancement.


Gateway Sites

Open Source Initiative LogoThe premiere website for open source software, Open Source Initiative  is a 501c(3) out of California and is responsible for reviewing and approving OSS licenses as OSD-conformant. They are also the caretakers of the open source definition. This organization is also involved in community building, education, and advocacy in regards to non-proprietary software. The site provides information about open source licenses, working groups, standards, education, and blogs about OSS. 


Source Forge logoSourceForge provides a number of resources for developers in the OSS community, as well as listings for in-development OSS. The site also provides a search feature for finding various OSS initiatives, as well as information on software delivery, performance, and developement. Some of the topics on the site include audio & video, business & enterprise, development, games, system administration, home & education, and graphics. Open Source as Alternative logoOsalt is a software directory that provides a list of OSS alternatives to well-known commercial software. It includes subjects such as business, communications, databases, developments, education & science, games, graphic applications, internet & networking, multimedia & audio, security & privacy, system utilities, and web development. 

Open Source Windows is a list of the best free and open source software for Windows. 

Open Source Mac is a list of the best free and open source software for Mac. 


GitHub blog logoThe GitHub blog serves the largest collaborative open source community in the world. It provides informal information about the OSS community, including conversations about topics such as new features, engineering, enterprise, conferences, and meetups. 



Google logoThe Google Open Source blog provides news and information about Google's open source student programs and software releases. This blog covers information related to both the Google Code-In and Google Summer of Code, as well as information about meet ups and new open source releases.