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ALHS 1060: Diet & Nutrition for AHS: Diet/Disease Reports

This LibGuide was created for ALHS 1060: Diet and Nutrition for Allied Health Sciences, taught by Virginia Lee Rothwell, Summer 2016.


Give a detailed definition for each disorder and that disorder's Signs and Symptons. The diet and menu will be the same. Give cultural diversity for all disorders.

Weekly Diet Reports

Diet and Weight Control

1. Anorexia Nervosa (Week 2)


2. Lactose Intolerance (Week 3)

3. Diabetes Mellitus (Week 4)

4. Celiac Disease (Week 5)

Fats CAD

5. Hyperlipidemia (Week 6)


6. Cancer, AIDS, Burns (Week 7)


7. Pernicious anemia (Week 8)


8. Gout (Week 9)

9. Hypertension (Week 10)


Instructor's Criteria for Grading Diet/Disease Report

Your report should include:

  • Name
  • Disease
  • Diet
  • Date
  • Points Earned

Answer the following questions:

1. What is the definition of this disease/disorder and what are common signs and symptoms of this disorder?

2. What is the prescribed diet for this disorder/disease? Be specific with dietary needs related to this condition.

3. What nutrients will be needed for a balanced diet (added to or deleted from)?

4. Cultural Diversity needs?

5. Give a one-day sample menu for this disorder/disease.

6. Include references.



Due Dates

These reports are due on the Saturday of the week assigned at 6 p.m.

NO REPORT will be graded or accepted unless it is submitted in the assigned drop box in Blackboard.