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ALHS 1060: Diet & Nutrition for AHS: Diet/Disease Reports

This LibGuide was created for ALHS 1060: Diet and Nutrition for Allied Health Sciences, taught by Virginia Lee Rothwell, Summer 2016.


Give a detailed definition for each disorder and that disorder's Signs and Symptons. The diet and menu will be the same. Give cultural diversity for all disorders.

Instructor's Criteria for Grading Diet/Disease Report

Student's Name _____________________________________________________

Disease __________________________________ Diet _____________________

Date _______________________ Points Earned ___________________________

1. What is the definition of this disease/disorder and what are common signs and symptoms of this disorder?

2. What is the prescribed diet for this disorder/disease? Be specific with dietary needs related to this condition.

3. What nutrients will be needed for a balanced diet (added to or deleted from)?

4. Cultural Diversity needs?

5. Give a one-day sample menu for this disorder/disease.

6. References: